Helping Clients Design your Dream

Design your Dream

Choosing your lot is a good start to design your dream. That is where my clients, Ava & Richard Oulton began. But let’s back up I first met Ava & Richard at their behemoth, stucco, custom-built home in Wyndham, Richmond VA. ( a Short Pump neighborhood where 20+ years previously, they designed & built their 8,000+ sq ft ~ 8 bed ~ wall to wall cheetah print rug ~ Las Vegas-inspired residence ~ see the plan ) Richard and Ava can finish each other's sentences having been married 42+ years and watching them divvy up the decision-making is better than any HGTV segment.
Ava will say, “Richard you pick the stone, the tile, the garage that’s your department.” At one point they discussed having a casino in the house. We had a lottery to win to be able to choose one of the top lots. Call it luck, but Ava and I planned our lottery strategy, planned the pre-design center meeting, studied the options, enlarged the plans, worked with the decorator, and celebrated with a glass of red wine along the way!

Ground Breaking

We won’t be breaking ground until the plans are finalized and the Goochland permits are issued. In the interim, Ava, Richard & I continue to discuss possibilities of patio layouts, whether two-tone cabinet color-ways will work if hardware should be brushed, polished, satin, or chrome, and most importantly figuring out the endless puzzle on how to lay out the furniture. 

Having graduated with a degree in Interior Design, I know the design process looks different for everyone. I like to shop for visual images on Pinterest, and architectural magazines, and study designers like Leanne Ford, Joanna Gaines, and others for inspiration.

Being a real estate professional, we see all the design trends up close and I love walking into homes that don’t follow “the rules”. Your home needs to tell your story and be a unique “you”. According to the HGTV article, “10 Tips For Arranging Furniture Like A Pro" arranging furniture requires attention to both form and function. Try these 10 tips for enhancing your home’s living, working, and playing spaces.

  1. Measure your room and your pieces of furniture to create a flow of movement
  2. Visualize the flow 
  3. Create a focal point that anchors the room
  4. Encourage conversation through furniture arrangement
  5. Add asymmetry to add interest if items aren’t matching, the same size, etc
  6. Improve the theater experience, test lamp, and screen placement
  7. Use a rug to define spaces
  8. Consider banquette seating for smaller areas
  9. Try some diagonals dealing with space constraints
  10. Pay attention to wall art height, generally hang art at eye height

I believe designing your home is soul-searching work and fun, all at the same time. I find having a team to share in the decision-making gets you the best results. I would love to be part of your design team!

Work With Tracy

I help clients achieve their real estate goals through my tenacity, personalization, and problem solving. Let me help you find your next home, and if you live in another state, city, or country, I would be happy to connect you with a trusted Real Estate Advisor.